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Young people go through a lot of changes

They are grow up

Their bodies develop

Their emotions evolve and fall in love

And perhaps they starting having sex

Navigating this experiences isn’t easy

Young people are need information and skills to have healthy and fulfilling relationships to avoid HIV and STIs

And to become pregnant only when are they ready

There is lots of information up there from friends, parents, and the internet get often this information doesn’t answer all of questions and is not always reliable.

Sometimes it even be harmful

That’s why schools coming

They build skills, promote healthy attitudes and teach accurate information to everyone and tally to arrange

But most schools in our region turned off the sexuality education yet.

This must change!

Every young person has the right to a health, education and information.

This includes sexual and reproductive health.

Join us to make this right a reality.

Join us to empower young people and expand opportunities.