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Photo of Dr. Nargis Rakhimov

Dr. Nargis Rakhimova

Dr. Nargis Rakhimova graduated from the Tajik State Medical University in 1994. Her educational background includes a diploma in Pediatrics, a Master’s degree in Reproductive health and a PhD in Public Health. During almost 25 years of her professional experience in the social and international development sectors, she has worked on different projects for UNFPA, WHO, Asian Development Bank, the Ministry of Health. She has more than 10 years of experience with UNFPA. She has strong knowledge and skills in strategic positioning and high-level advocacy, and introducing the innovative evidence-based programmes that resulted in accelerating the Government commitment to the SDGs and significantly increasing UNFPA visibility in Tajikistan. She has strong experience in coordinating and leveraging the resources of government and development partners, building strategic alliances and mobilizing additional resources to UNFPA areas of work.