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Tajikistan on the way to census 2020

The United Nations Population Fund in Tajikistan (UNFPA) as a leading agency on population data provides technical and financial support to the Agency on Statistics (AS) under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan in preparation for 2020 population and housing census (PHC).




As a part of joint effort, today the AS hosted a round table: “POPULATION AND HOUSING CENSUS 2020: ADVOCACY AND RESOURCES MOBILIZATION”.





What has been done and what needs to be done, why population and housing census PHC is important and what kind of additional data could be collected were discussed during the event. 




In addition, it was mentioned that the PHC is an important for monitoring of the Sustainable Development Goals indicators. Presentation based on comprehensive assessment of the AS capacity for conducting PHC accentuate on existed potential that can be replicated during the 2020 PHC. The final presentation that based on gaps defined by aforementioned assessment highlight activities that needs to be supported by development partners.